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Classes Just for Kids

Marianjoy's Continuing Care Classes offer children with special needs additional instruction as they work toward achieving their functional goals. Classes take place at Marianjoy's main campus in Wheaton. Registration fee is $90 per class unless otherwise noted.

Please read the class descriptions carefully to ensure the class will best suit your child's needs. If you are uncertain whether your child meets the class requirements, you may schedule a screening with a Marianjoy therapist. A physician release form may be required for children with changing medical status or if you intend to submit the class fee to your
insurance for reimbursement. Tuition assistance may also be available.

Spring Class Schedule: April 7- March 12, 2014
All classes have a minimum and maximum enrollment size. Please register in advance to ensure a place in the class.

To register or to learn more about Marianjoy's Continuing Care Classes, please call 630–909–7155.

Therapeutic Golf

Learn more about our Golf for Kids with Disabilities Program.

Fun with Food Group for 3 to 6 Year Olds

Welcoming our pickiest eaters, this class focuses primarily on enjoying food through eating, and also by touching, smelling, preparing and playing. Marianjoy pediatric speech-language pathologists (specializing in feeding and swallowing therapy) will guide your child through an exploration of food shapes and colors, flavors, textures, and temperatures. Tips will be provided to caregivers about incorporating feeding therapy into home meal experiences in order to increase the variety of foods that your child will eat.

Myofunctional End

Designed for children who have been receiving orofacial myofunctional therapy to improve their oral resting posture, swallowing pattern, and articulation skills and are at the carry-over stage of treatment. Designed to achieve generalization of learned skills in a small group setting led by a speech-language pathologist.

Eye Can Do – 5 to 10 Year Olds

Eye Can Do is a group that focuses on vision, coordination and visual-motor integration and is led by a therapist with training in pediatric visual function and remediation. Using a group format, children will work on basic visual skills, such as tracking, smooth pursuits, and saccades. Games will be used to improve coordination, body awareness, and integration of visuals skills with movement. Handwriting and copying from the board tasks will be included as well. Come join us as we LOOK ahead to a clearer, more coordinated future!

Come Play With Me – 1 to 2 Year Olds

This is a social interaction and play skills group that facilitates interaction with other children to work on interactive play, age-appropriate play skills, and socialization. Caregivers attend the group to assist with facilitating social interaction, and to gain an understanding of the developmental skills to help the child practice at home.

Come Play With Me – 3 to 5 Year Olds

This group addresses play skills, social interaction, coordination, and basic communication skills. Children in this group participate in preschool-readiness activities including self-introduction, story time, basic group discussion, and fine and gross motor activities. Participants learn in a fun, structured environment guided by an occupational and a physical therapist. Requirements: Participants must be able to sit for 5 minutes independently during a group activity and follow basic directions. If you are uncertain about whether your child meets these requirements, schedule a screening with a Marianjoy therapist by calling 630-909-7155.

Broadway Bound – 4 to 12 Year Olds

An introductory group to our Summer Musical!   Come and get a sneak peek at this year’s production. Your child will work on spatial, cognitive, memory and coordination tasks in a theater setting. Children will be provided with exposure to theater and interaction with their peers in a therapeutic setting. Parents and guardians will be provided with the script and score 5 weeks in advance to give you chance to assist your child in memorizing the words and music for our 2014 summer play.

That’s a Rap I – 5 to 7 Year Olds

This group is for children in the primary grades. Come participate in structured social and fun play activities. Develop an awareness of your reaction to others and their reaction to you.

Let’s Get Ready to Rap – 8 to 11 Year Olds

This is an expanded Rap Group that includes both Speech and Occupational Therapy expertise. The first 30 minutes of the group will incorporate sensory integration principals for self-regulation. This will help children ready themselves for social interaction and pragmatic based activities. With their systems ready to go children will then explore the wonderful world of making and keeping new friends! Practice social skills with peers in a safe environment without being teased or feeling isolated. With guidance, learn to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of your own communication style.


Schedules & Forms

Spring 2014 Pediatric Classes

Pediatric Classes Waiver

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Marianjoy reserves the right to cancel any class if the minimum number of attendees is not met.

The Wheaton Franciscan Sisters also offer classes on spiritual development and the healing arts on the Wheaton, Illinois, campus.