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The Marianjoy Brain Injury staff has dedicated their lives to improving the outcomes of patients with brain injury.

The Marianjoy Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program

The Marianjoy Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program for adults and children provides comprehensive, individualized treatment plans that focus on the specific needs and goals of the patient. The program treats patients with brain injuries due to trauma, cerebral hemorrhage, infection, tumors, oxygen deprivation and other causes. The Marianjoy Brain Injury Program has been awarded accreditation by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), representing Marianjoy’s commitment to excellence in rehabilitation for people with brain injuries.

Some of the expert care provided by your team includes:

  • daily interaction with and monitoring by a physiatrist.
  • an individualized treatment plan focusing on a patient’s mobility (i.e., walking, stair-climbing, strengthening and balance/
  • assistive therapeutic technology, including balance retraining; fabricating casts or splints; and customized wheelchair-fitting.
  • activities of daily living training.
  • cognitive retraining.
  • swallowing and voice therapy.
  • emotional support and counseling for the patient and family.
  • education on condition and resources for post-discharge.


Updated April, 2017



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Patient Story


Trevor Detloff

Trevor had been underwater, deprived of oxygen, for approximately forty-five seconds—resulting in an anoxic brain injury.

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