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Joint Access Program

Through Marianjoy's Joint Access Program, a specialized team of physicians and clinicians work with patients experiencing orthopedic issues related to injuries, pain, hip and knee replacements, shoulder surgeries or congenital conditions.

Treating nearly 500 orthopedic patients each year through its inpatient and subacute programs and an additional 1,200 per year on an outpatient basis has allowed Marianjoy to refine its orthopedic rehabilitation regimen. By continually reviewing patients' outcomes, the team upgrades its protocols and treatment plans to deliver the best care possible, getting patients back to their normal daily activities.

One of the many benefits of Marianjoy’s Joint Access program is that it is led by Dr. Norman Aliga, a Marianjoy Medical Group physiatrist - a physician who specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation. Dr. Aliga’s background includes training in orthopedic surgery, giving him a thorough understanding of the musculoskeletal system. Located on-site at the main campus in Wheaton, Dr. Aliga collaborates with his therapy team, offering guidance and ongoing education as well as developing the best therapy program for each patient. This type of hands-on physician leadership helps to increase outcomes for the patient while providing the most efficient therapy possible, enabling the patient to recover more quickly.

Keeping You Moving

In addition to the experience and expertise of a physician, Marianjoy’s Joint Access program offers comprehensive and multiple levels of care to specifically meet the patient’s needs. A variety of programs and services including a balance and vestibular clinic, a prosthetic and orthotic clinic, and a warm-water aquatic therapy pool, compliment the Joint Access program.


Marianjoy’s orthopedic and musculoskeletal program is further enhanced by ongoing research in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation. The continual review and incorporation of new protocols allows the patient to receive the most updated treatment plan while improving outcomes.

In addition, the clinical team places priority on input from the patient’s surgeon.

“We understand that a surgeon may have a particular treatment or protocol they would like us to follow with their patient and we are happy to accommodate,” continues Dr. Aliga. “We find that collaborating with the surgeon can improve the patient’s outcomes. It’s also a good learning experience for us as a team. If we find the protocol works well in one particular situation, we will incorporate it into a future treatment plan for other patients."

More Information

For more information about the Joint Access Program or to tour our facility, please contact the Admissions Department at 630-909-8920.


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