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Psychology and Neuropsychology

If your illness or injury affects your thought processes or emotional reactions, your physiatrist may refer you to a psychologist for counseling or neuropsychological testing. You will talk with a licensed psychologist who will provide you and your family with support while making the adjustment to your illness or injury and the effects it has had on your lifestyle.

You will receive education about your disability as well as training in guided relaxation to deal with stress or pain, if needed. If problems with concentration, memory, visual abilities or language are present, the psychologist might complete some testing to determine the nature and cause of these problems.

In conjunction with Pediatrics, the psychology staff works with school systems to facilitate a child’s successful return to school.

You Want the Best:

The Psychology Department consists of licensed clinical psychologists and professional counselors. The members of our staff belong to a number of organizations, including the American Psychological Association, the Brain Injury Association of Illinois, the National Spinal Cord Injury Association, and the Midwest Neuropsychology Group.