Balance and Vestibular Rehabilitation



Balance and Vestibular Rehabilitation: Bertec Balance Advantageâ„¢  System


Advanced diagnostic and treatment equipment improves patient balance

The Marianjoy Balance and Vestibular Rehabilitation Center is a targeted therapy program desiged to promote recovery, adaptation, and compensation for a wide variety of balance and vestibular disorders. The goal of the program is to improve balance, decrease dizziness, and minimize falls by restoring normal vestibular function and postural control.

Marianjoy's physical therapists, specializing in vestibular rehabilitation, comprehensively assess and determine impairments to the vestibular; somatosensory (sensation that can occur anywhere in the body); musculoskeletal; and visual systems. Therapists interpret evaluation results and collaborate with referring physicians to develop a comprehensive, individualized plan that addreses a patient's impairments and funstional goals.

Typically, the program is targeted for patients with vestibular or balance disorders causing any of the following symptoms:

  • Vertigo/dizziness
  • Frequent falls
  • Disequilibrium/unsteadiness
  • Gait difficulty
  • Restrictions of daily activities
  • Visual Motion Sensitivity

There are many causes or reasons why a patient may need a vestibular and balance evaluation. Some of these reasons may include:

  • Vestibular neuritis
  • Labyrinthitis (inner-ear infection)
  • Benign Paroxsymal Positional Vertigo (BPPV)
  • Acute vertigo caused by head trauma or whiplash
  • Chronic vertigo caused by chemical or drug toxicity
  • Acoustic neuromas (benign tumor on nerve between inner ear and brain)
  • Meniere's Disease
  • Age-related balance dysfunstion, dizziness or multisensory deficits
  • Brain injury
  • Vascular insufficiencies
  • Visual-motor sensitivity

Balance and Vestibular Services

The Marianjoy Balance and Vestibular Rehabilitation program specializes in comprehensive evaluation and treatment for:

  • Vestibular, proprioceptive (physical self-awareness) and visual systems through computerized testing
  • Functional everyday abilities
  • Ambulation with head movement, turns and speed changes
  • Neuromuscular integrity
  • Muscle strength
  • Static/dynamic balance when sitting and standing
  • Eye-head coordination to maintain stable gaze
  • Postural control
  • Gait stability



Available Tools:

The Balance and Vestibular Center features the following specialized therapy technology: