Prosthetic and Orthotic Center


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Customized Devices for Individuals with Disabilities

The Marianjoy Prosthetics and Orthotics Center offers custom prosthetic and orthotic devices for adults and children to maximize their functional abilities. Working in partnership with Scheck & Siress, a prosthetic and orthotic production company, certified prosthetists and orthotists collaborate with a Marianjoy Medical Group physiatrist and physical therapist to achieve the best possible result for each patient.

Patients who may benefit from the Marianjoy Prosthetics and Orthotics Center include those with various orthopaedic or neurological diagnoses, including:

  • Spasticity or decreased muscle tone
  • Foot drop
  • Joint pain or deformity
  • Poor function, flexibility, or mobility of a limb
  • Instability of the lower limb or spine following an injury or disease

Prosthetics Clinics

The Marianjoy Prosthetics Clinic addresses the needs of patients living with a partially or fully missing upper or lower limb, which may be caused from amputation, disease or congenital conditions. Individuals who may benefit from an evaluation at the clinic include:

  • Patients in need of upper- or lower-extremity prosthesis
  • Current users of prosthetics that which may need to be upgraded, repaired, or replaced
  • Individuals who would like to learn about the newest prosthetics technology that is available tooptimize their function

Once the prosthesis is delivered to the patient, physical therapy at Marianjoy may be recommended. Here, patients will work with specially trained therapists who will teach them how to use the device correctly and safely to optimize their function. Patients also receive education on maintaining their residual limb and the device. Follow-up appointments to the Prosthetic Center are recommended to ensure the prosthesis continues to fit correctly and comfortably.


Orthotics Clinics

In the Marianjoy Orthotics Clinic patients requiring additional support or immobilization of certain joints are assessed for custom orthotic devices. Patients who may benefit from an orthotic device may be experiencing the following conditions:

  • Spasticity or increased muscle tone
  • Foot drop
  • Joint pain or deformity
  • Poor function, flexibility or mobility of a limb
  • Joint instability

After receiving the orthosis, a follow-up evaluation is done to confirm the device works and fits correctly and comfortably. Patients may also be referred to outpatient therapy at Marianjoy, where they will learn to use their orthotic properly. They may also be given home exercises to increase strength, flexibility, and balance.

How the Program Works

Each patient receives a thorough evaluation to determine the best plan for treatment and/or therapy. Throughout the treatment process, the individual is continually reassessed to ensure the prosthetic or orthotic device is providing the appropriate fit, comfort, and function. A prescription is not required for an evaluation in the Marianjoy Prosthetics and Orthotics Center; however, some insurance companies do require a physician referral. Patients are encouraged to contact their insurance carrier prior to scheduling an appointment.




Available Tools:

The following technology and tools are available within the Prosthetic and Orthotic Center:

  • Casting and tuning
  • Zeno Walkway
  • MobilityLab