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Marianjoy Honored With Two Environmental Awards

July 1, 2008, Wheaton, IL — Marianjoy has been honored with two awards recognizing its commitment to the environment and green initiatives. Marianjoy’s efforts to “go green” include eliminating mercury, reducing waste and harmful emissions, installing low VOC carpeting and energy efficient lighting, and utilizing greener cleaning products.


Marianjoy was selected to be featured on a billboard for its participation in “Clean Air Counts” and its achievements in reducing emissions of volatile organic compounds. Marianjoy joined Clean Air Counts in October of 2007, and since then the hospital has reduced emissions of volatile organic compounds by over 36,000 pounds as a result of using low VOC cleaning products, installing low VOC carpeting, and other green efforts.


“In part because we are located on 60 acres of restored prairie owned by the Wheaton Franciscan sisters, Marianjoy has a tradition and commitment to honor the earth. As an example, when we built our new 175,000 square foot hospital on the campus, only seven trees were removed…and each of them was recycled into materials used to create furniture for our chapel and boardroom. Building the hospital also provided us with a window of opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to the environment by making voluntary, conscious greener choices in our building materials and supplies and by designing a space that complements nature rather than conflicting with it,” said Kathleen Yosko, President and CEO of Marianjoy.


Clean air strategies at Marianjoy are part of an environmental initiative that began several years ago with the installation of energy efficient lighting and recycling programs that now handles 186,000 pounds of waste over a one year period. Installation of low VOC carpeting in the renovated Outpatient Pavilion reduced VOC emissions by another 1,156 pounds.  Energy Star office equipment used by the hospital reduced harmful emissions by 29.38 pounds.


The “Clean Air Counts on Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital” billboard can be seen on Roosevelt Road just east of Highland Avenue in Lombard, and features a young Marianjoy patient who works for the Elburn Fire Department. The Clear Air Counts campaign is a program managed by the Metropolitan Mayor’s Caucus, which encourages companies to make a difference in Chicago’s air quality by reducing pollution emissions.


In addition, Marianjoy and its parent organization, Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare, received a national award from Practice Greenhealth, an organization that recognizes environmental stewardship in health care organizations. In order to win, each site within the organization demonstrated that it is working to improve and expand programs to eliminate mercury, reduce waste, and prevent pollution. In 2008, Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare received 14 Practice Greenhealth Environmental Excellence Awards. This earned Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare status as Practice Greenhealth’s “Premier Partner.”  Practice Greenhealth (formerly H2E) is the leading national recognition program for environmental stewardship in health care.


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