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Prosthetic and Orthotic Center

Marianjoy’s Prosthetic and Orthotic Center offers customized artificial limbs and braces for adults and children. Working in partnership with the certified prosthetists and orthotists from Scheck and Siress, a specialized team of Marianjoy clinicians led by a physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R) physician collaborates to ensure the patient’s device offers the highest level of function and mobility.




An orthoses, also commonly known as a brace, is used to support, protect, strengthen, position or immobilize certain joints or muscles while promoting function. Orthoses range from simple shoe inserts to more advanced devices such as leg braces.


Patients who may benefit from an orthosis may be experiencing:

  • Spasticity or increased muscle tone
  • Foot drop

  • Leg weakness or fatigue

  • Foot, knee or ankle pain or deformity

  • Poor function, flexibility or mobility of an arm or leg

  • Instability of the lower limb or spine following an injury or disease

After receiving the customized brace, a follow-up evaluation is done to confirm the device works and fits correctly and comfortably. Patients may also be referred to outpatient therapy at Marianjoy, where they will learn to use their orthotic properly and safely and may be given home exercises to increase strength, flexibility, and balance. Clinicians also provide education on how to identify and manage potential adverse reactions which may result from the use of the brace, such as skin issues or other irritation.


Tuned Ankle Foot Orthosis Footwear Combination for Children.




A prostheses is used to replace a part of the body lost through amputation. The Marianjoy Prosthetics Clinic provides services for individuals with amputations, or those who many need adjustments, upgrades, or replacement of an existing artificial limb. 


Once the prosthesis is received, the patient may be recommended for physical therapy at Marianjoy where they will work with specially trained therapists who will teach them how to use the device correctly and safely to avoid injury and optimize their function. Patients also receive education on maintaining their residual limb and the device. Follow-up appointments to the clinic are recommended to ensure the prosthetic is fitting correctly and comfortably and continuing to meet the patient’s particular needs.


To Make an Appointment


A prescription is not required for an evaluation in the Marianjoy Prosthetic and Orthotic Center. However, some insurance companies do require a referral and patients are encouraged to contact their carrier prior to scheduling an appointment.


To schedule an appointment at our Wheaton location, please call 630-909-6170. Prescriptions may be faxed to 630-909-7001.


To schedule an appointment at our Downers Grove location, please call 630-969-9360. Prescriptions may be faxed to 630-909-7001.


To schedule an appointment at our Oak Park location, please call 708-660-3800. Prescriptions may be faxed to 708-660-2156.





Distinctively Different

Patients who receive care through the Prosthetic and Orthotic Center benefit from the advanced rehabilitation offerred through  Marianjoy Outpatient Services. Our licensed and certified therapists provide one-on-one therapy with customized treatment plans.

Call 630-909-7150 or visit to learn more.


Schedule an Appointment:

For more information on scheduling an appointment physical therapy or other outpatient services:

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