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Complimentary Medicine

Many individuals are taking a more collaborative role with their physicians in directing their own healthcare needs.  This includes incorporating elements of integrative holistic medicine into their treatment plans such as nutrition, acupuncture, meditation techniques, and yoga.  It has been shown that holistic medicine is beneficial to a patient’s overall health. 

Some physicians have embraced integrative holistic medicine as a way to address a person’s physical condition along with their mental and spiritual health.  Dr. Gouri Chaudhuri, Medical Director of the Marianjoy Integrative Holistic Medicine Clinic, is one of those physicians.  In addition to being a board-certified physiatrist in physical medicine and rehabilitation, she is also board-certified in integrative holistic medicine, acupuncture, and electrodiagnostic medicine.  She believes that by treating the whole person, her patients overcome not only the symptoms related to their injury or illness, but are also better able to prevent future illnesses and complications.

Dr. Chaudhuri uses her vast knowledge and expertise of the body’s muscles, nerves, and skeletal system, she is able to better identify the areas that may be the source of a particular illness or symptom and determine the best approach to manage it.

It is important to recognize that integrative medicine is not a replacement for conventional medical treatment. All medications and treatments for chronic illness should continue to be managed and monitored by your primary care physician.

The Marianjoy Integrative Holistic Medicine Clinic

Individuals who benefit from a holistic approach, may be living with chronic illness such as:

•     Arthritis

•     Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

•     Diabetes mellitus

•     Headaches

•     Hypertension

•     Insomnia

•     Sinusitis

•     Fibromyalgia

•     Rheumatoid arthritis

•     Multiple Sclerosis

•     Lupus

•     Anxiety

•     Depression

Treatment Approaches 

During the initial appointment, patients are asked to complete a self-survey that includes information regarding their general health, diet, and spiritual well-being.  A thorough evaluation along with a review of medications will then be conducted and an individualized treatment plan developed.  Treatment approaches may include:

Aspects of Health and Disease

Proper nutrition is key to an individual’s health. It is essential in enabling the body to sustain itself while helping to prevent illness. After reviewing a patient’s diet, recommendations regarding nutritional changes may be made. This can include adjustments to the amount of carbohydrates, protein, and fat in an individual’s diet along with determining the proper amount of vitamins and minerals necessary for optimum health.


Based on its proven benefits, acupuncture may be used as part of a patient’s overall treatment plan. Acupuncture has been shown to reduce pain, increase energy levels, improve a person’s sense of well-being, and is beneficial in helping an individual to relax. Acupuncture may lead to a decrease or elimination of certain symptoms related to a condition or illness and may help the body heal without external interventions.

Meditation and Relaxation Techniques

Meditation has been shown to greatly improve a person’s overall well-being.  Teaching a patient meditation and relaxation techniques can help the individual learn to calm the mind, focus better, improve memory, and reduce stress.  These positive outcomes can help minimize and even resolve current symptoms and promote continued physical, mental and spiritual healing.

Areas of Expertise Include:

•     Stroke rehabilitation

•     Complementary and alternative medicine

•     Clinical research in stroke rehabilitation outcomes

•     General outpatient services

•     Acupuncture

•     Prosthetics and Orthotics

•     Electrodiagnosis

•     Neurogenic bladders

•     Dysphagia

•     Shoulder and hand syndromes

•     Spasticity management including
       BOTOX® and Phenol injections

The physician’s evaluation is covered by insurance, excluding the co-payment.  For those services not covered by insurance, payment including any co-pay or deductible is expected at time of each visit.  Fees for service will vary based on the patient’s individualized treatment plan.

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