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The Hydrodynamic Benefits of Warm-Water Aquatic Therapy

Specialized Aquatic Therapy is performed by physical and occupational therapists in Marianjoy's state-of-the-art Aquatic Therapy Center.

"For those patients who can't support their own weight, the pool offers a way for them to participate in physical therapy. In the water, Marianjoy therapists have the potential to make gains with a patient that may not be made through land-based therapy alone."
Dr. Larissa Pavone, Marianjoy Pediatric Physician

The benefits of warm-water therapy in physical rehabilitation have long been recognized.
The hydrodynamic principles of Aquatic Therapy can help patients reach their therapy goals. By decreasing the force of gravity on the body, the buoyancy of water provides ease of movement and offers an environment to address balance issues safely, without the fear of falling.

The water's hydrostatic pressure also offers sufficient resistance to increase body awareness
and improve muscle strength and endurance. As a result, patients in the Aquatic Therapy Program can achieve their treatment goals with less joint and muscle stress than in a traditional clinical environment. Aquatic therapy at Marianjoy is used either in conjunction with land-based therapy or as a stand-alone treatment option, performed by physical or occupational therapists.

Benefits of warm-water aquatic therapy include:

•Post-operative pain reduction
•Joint pain reduction
•Motivational environment
•Low-impact resistive exercises
•Spasticity reduction
•Buoyant support for balance
•Graded-depth weight-bearing exercises

Patients can enter the pool by using stairs or an accessible lift.

Pediatric Aquatic Exercise Groups

Pool classes are designed for children who have medical conditions requiring aquatic exercise. Most of our participants have had previous aquatic therapy experience and are ready to participate in a group setting. Pool class instructors are physical or occupational therapists. Our therapy pool is kept at a temperature of 91-93 degrees and all participants must have a medical release to participate in aquatic groups. This release MUST be updated annually. CLICK HERE to register or call


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Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital provides rehabilitation care centered around the patient and their family. Marianjoy's interdisciplinary health care team evaluates not only the patient's present disability, but the impact the disability has on the whole person- mind, body, and spirit.

An integrated care team of physicians, specially trained therapists, and nurses, as well as psychologists, nutritionists, and chaplains shape a treatment plan designed to improve the patient's physical, perceptual, and communication abilities, while developing skills to compensate for any permanent disability. As rehabilitation specialists we are here to help, support, and encourage our patients and their families.

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