Rehabilitation Through Innovation

We are excited to announce that Marianjoy is ready to serve our patient population with three newly renovated Marianjoy outpatient areas.

The new Marianjoy Conference and Education Center offers the ideal environment for seminars, professional educational conferences, and community events. Clinicians in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation have access to a professional forum where applied research projects and other areas of expertise can be showcased. .

The new Marianjoy Assistive Rehabilitation Technology Institute is staffed with specially trained therapists and clinicians who identify solutions to everyday problems of daily living frequently encountered by individuals with disabilities. Assistive technology is used to maintain, improve, or augment educational, vocational, and recreational opportunities, as well as enable adults and children to lead healthier, more active and independent lives.

The new Marianjoy Aquatic Therapy Center uses the benefits of warm salt water therapy to improve muscle strength and endurance, and to achieve treatment goals with less joint and muscle stress than in a traditional clinic environment.



Marianjoy Rehabilitation
Marianajoy Rehabilitation Hospital Labyrinth

Marianjoy is committed to providing exceptional physical medicine and rehabilitation for children and adults throughout the Chicagoland area.

Whether it's an Inpatient stay with intensive rehabilitation and 24-hour hospital support, or a less intensive subacute stay, Marianjoy's caring and compassionate staff, medical expertise, and state-of-the-art technology provides all of the care you need in a holistic and peaceful setting.  

Marianjoy also provides networked rehabilitation therapy through Day Rehabilitation and Outpatient Rehabilitation services.

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