Armeo® Spring
Supporting Recovery for Moderate Arm Impairments

The Armeo® Spring is an arm and hand rehabilitation exoskeleton. Through the use of robotic technology, in conjunction with virtual reality simulation, the Armeo® Spring uses functional, intensive, task-specific, and self-initiated skills to facilitate arm and hand recovery.


How does the Armeo® Spring Work?

Ergonomic and adjustable, the Armeo embraces the whole arm, from shoulder to hand, counterbalancing the weight of the patient’s arm. It enhances any residual function and neuromuscular control, assisting active movement across a large 3D workspace. Patients complete tasks from a large library of real-life
simulation movement exercises, supported by a virtual-reality training environment. A pressure-sensitive handgrip, which detects even small amounts of grip force, facilitates grasp and release exercises.

What are the benefits of using the Armeo® Spring?

The Armeo® Spring provides real-life simulation to make therapeutic exercises applicable in a safe environment while motivating patients with game-like goals. The device efficiently supports simultaneous arm and hand therapy, while also evaluating and documenting the patient’s progress.

Individuals who may benefit from treatment with the Armeo® Spring include:

• Stroke survivors with varying degrees of hemiparesis, a movement impairment in which one side of the
  body suffers from weakness or paralysis

• Individuals recovering from brain or spinal cord injury with reduced function of their arm or hand

• Persons with upper-extremity impairments resulting from multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, cerebral
  palsy, or other neurological disorders.






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