Supported Challenged-Based Traing without the Fear of Falling

The KineAssist-MX® is a patient-driven platform for performing a wide array of walking and balance-related skill therapies that result in improved performance of daily activities.

How does the KineAssist® Work?

The patient is placed on the KineAssist®, supported by a pelvic harness system that acts to catch them should they lose their balance. The treadmill and mechanics of the system are activated solely by the patient. The therapist can override the treadmill speed and operation as needed.

What are the benefits of using the KineAssist®?

The system can provide patients with challenge-based training that allows them to try different tasks and learn, without fear of bodily harm, where their attempts result in success or failure. It also offers safe retraining of skills related to real-world obstacles, such as slipping or being bumped in a crowd of people, which may result in feeling off balance. The training intensity can be increased as a patient masters each level.


Who can benefit from using the KineAssist®?

• Individuals who may benefit from KineAssist-MX® include those with:
• Neurological impairments
• Cardiovascular impairments
• Orthopedic impairments, including joint replacements and amputees
• General age-related de-conditioning level.



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