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The Marianjoy Integrative Pain

Treatment Center at Oakbrook


As the ONLY CARF Accredited Pain Management Program in the state of Illinois, Marianjoy's Comprehensive Pain Management Program is uniquely suited to provide this care. See for more information.

The Marianjoy Integrative Pain Treatment Center offers different levels of care including two specialized programs* designed to increase an individual's level of daily functioning and endurance and decrease their reliance on medications. The programs decrease pain, improve quality of life, and teach the use of life-long pain management skills.

These 21-day structured outpatient programs are designed for individuals who are experiencing significant downtime and lifestyle alterations due to pain.

The Comprehensive Pain Management Program focuses on managing chronic pain to restore a lifestyle of function and mobility. Under the direction of a physiatrist, patients participate for six to seven hours per day in programming designed to address their chronic pain issues. This includes education, individualized physical therapy, pain psychology, biofeedback and case management.

The Comprehensive Flex Pain Management Program is less intense for individuals who are not able to tolerate the longer more intensive program, or people who are at a higher level and do not require all the services offered in the comprehensive program. These patients participate for four to five hours per day which may allow individuals to continue to work.

*Our pain management physicians will determine the appropriate program.

One-on-One Outpatient Pain Management Treatment

Outpatient Pain Physical Therapy

Our Integrative Pain Treatment Center at Oakbrook Terrace offers one-on-one pain physical therapy sessions on an outpatient basis for people who do not require a comprehensive pain management program. A physical therapist will spend one full hour dedicated to focusing on the unique needs of each patient.

Outpatient Pain Psychology

Our Integrative Pain Treatment Center at Oakbrook Terrace offers one-on-one pain psychology. Individuals learn coping skills, relaxation techniques, and behavioral management which are helpful when returning to everyday activities.

Improving Outcomes

Our integrated approach aims to improve the mind, body and spirit, and to do this, we use one or more of the following techniques:

  • Biofeedback
  • Education
  • Exercise (stretching, strengthening, and aerobic activity)
  • Graded activity
  • Medication management
  • Neuromuscular re-education
  • Pain science education
  • Psychology
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Soft tissue mobilization and Myofascial release
  • Stress management

Comprehensive Pain Evaluation

This interdisciplinary evaluation can be requested to provide the referring physician with a comprehensive review of the patient's condition, pain and functional status to facilitate medical decision-making. The evaluation is conducted by a team consisting of a physiatrist, a psychologist and a physical therapist. A treatment plan is then recommended based on each patient's unique needs.

Referral Process

If you think you may be a candidate for our program, you can schedule an appointment with a physiatrist in the Marianjoy Medical Group. After completing a comprehensive pain evaluation, the doctor will determine which level of care is best-suited for you and provide a prescription for the services you need. Once we verify insurance coverage and you meet any predetermination requirements of your insurance company, you will be authorized to enter the program.

We encourage you to ask your insurance provider about benefits coverage for physical therapy, psychology and biofeedback (if appropriate), in case you would benefit from these services as part of your rehabilitation.

For more information on the best choice in rehabilitation programs and services; to refer a patient; or to make a doctor or therapy appointment, please contact:

Marianjoy Integrative Pain Treatment Center
17W682 Butterfield Road
Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois