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Speech-Language Pathology

Your speech-language pathologist specializes in the evaluation and treatment of communication, cognitive and swallowing disorders. Following a diagnostic evaluation, your speech-language pathologist may work with you on some or all of the following conditions:


  • Language: Language disorders resulting from damage to the language centers of the brain may occur following a stroke, brain injury, brain tumor or other neurological impairment.
  • Speech: Physical or neurological impairment or malformation may cause problems sequencing sounds into syllables or words. Weak or uncoordinated vocal muscles may also cause speech to be slow, weak or uncoordinated.
  • Voice: Vocal misuse, vocal abuse, stroke, brain injury or other neurological events may cause alterations in pitch, loudness and vocal quality.


Treatment can improve skills and abilities in attention, concentration, perception, orientation, memory, problem-solving, reasoning, information-processing or new learning.


Marianjoy's Swallowing and Voice Center helps patients optimize eating, drinking, talking and smiling. Located on Marianjoy's Wheaton campus, the state-of-the-art center provides diagnostic evaluations and treatments using the most advanced technology available.

Pediatric Services

The Marianjoy Speech-Language Pathology Department offers a full range of pediatric services for children from birth through 18 years of age. Marianjoy speech-language pathologists are credentialed to provide early intervention services. Additionally, speech-language therapists collaborate with public schools to maximize success for children in their academic environments.