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Applied Behavior Analysis

Applied behavior analysis (ABA) is a therapeutic technology to improve adaptive behavior.

ABA has become widely accepted as one of the most effective treatments for behavior change in individuals with Autism. It has also been demonstrated as effective in treating severe destructive behaviors, pediatric feeding disorders and symptoms associated with traumatic brain injuries.

Beginning with a thorough assessment, environmental factors that affect the patient's behavior are identified. The therapist develops a treatment plan to resolve deficits in communication, social skills and reduce the frequency and severity of negative behaviors while increasing adaptive ones.

At Marianjoy, our board-certified behavior analyst conducts one-on-one therapy sessions to create an individualized plan based on reinforcement and other behavioral principles to promote success for the patient. Family participation is encouraged, and family training is part of the therapy plan. The frequency of therapy sessions will be determined by the patient's current level of performance, age and need for services.

To obtain more information regarding ABA therapy, please call Marianjoy applied behavior analyst Maggie Belpedio at 630.909.6144.