Aquatic Therapy and Fitness Classes

Aquatic Therapy in State-of-the-Art Facilities

Aquatic therapy is when treatments and exercises are performed in water for physical rehabilitation. At Northwestern Medicine Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital, physical and occupational therapists can do aquatic therapy with you in the Aquatic Therapy pool. Aquatic therapy can be done along with traditional physical therapy or as a stand-alone treatment.

The Benefits of Aquatic Therapy

Because water reduces gravity’s effect on your body, aquatic therapy makes it easier for you to move. It is an environment where you do not need to worry about falling or supporting your body weight.

The pressure of the water offers enough resistance to improve your muscle strength. You can reach your treatment goals with less stress on your joints and muscles than in a traditional clinical setting.

Warm-water aquatic therapy can:

You can enter the pool by using stairs or an accessible lift.

The Northwestern Medicine Health and Fitness Center at Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital

The Northwestern Medicine Health and Fitness Center at Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital offers programs, such as classes and personal training, for your post-rehabilitation and general health needs. Many of the weight machines have swing-away seats for wheelchair transfer. The elliptical has a lower step height so people with reduced mobility or balance can access it more easily.

At this facility, therapists can set up an exercise program for their patients who are getting ready for discharge from therapy. You can try equipment that you may use in a fitness facility or as part of a class at Marianjoy.

Upcoming classes and programs will focus on:

Fitness Classes and One-on-One Personal Training

The Health and Fitness Center at Marianjoy

The Health and Fitness Center offers 45-minute sessions Monday through Friday for a period of 7 weeks. During these sessions, you will use different equipment and techniques to keep workouts fun and effective.

All fitness levels are welcome. Exercises can be customized for your needs. Our goal is that you will see a transformation of strength, flexibility, balance and confidence.

For more information, call 630.909.8626 (TTY: 711).

Personal Training Sessions for All Ability Levels

Form, meet and reach beyond your fitness goals with a personal trainer. Our personal trainers help people of all ages and ability levels achieve their health and fitness goals. We strive to create and maintain a welcoming environment for individuals with disabilities. During personal training sessions, you will use equipment and stretches to better understand your body and how it responds to exercise.

Our personal trainers have qualifications that include:

Find more information, call 630.909.8626 (TTY: 711).