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Northwestern Medicine Tellabs Center for Neurorehabilitation and Neuroplasticity

Our therapists at the Northwestern Medicine Tellabs Center for Neurorehabilitation and Neuroplasticity (TCNN) at Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital use innovative technologies to support and maximize the care you receive. We use these leading-edge tools to tap into the guiding principles of neuroplasticity — your brain's ability to change or heal in response to experiences — to help you on your recovery journey.

Many new technologies are based on neuroplasticity; their goal is to help your nervous system adapt and heal after a trauma or injury. These tools are not substitutes for regular therapy, but they are intended to help your therapist give you the best recovery possible. Technology based on neuroplasticity that is used with evidence-based approaches can help you work smarter, not harder during your recovery.

Your care team will work with you to develop a treatment plan for your unique needs. You may use robotic exoskeletons, virtual reality and other devices during your treatment.

Northwestern Medicine Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital is one of the only rehabilitation facilities in the suburban Chicagoland area to offer such a wide range of technology for patients with brain conditions. Watch a video to learn more.

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Leading-Edge Therapy Technology at TCNN

The Amadeo is a robotic device that supports rehabilitation for your finger, hand and/or forearm for issues caused by many neurological and orthopaedic conditions.
Learn more about the Amadeo.

Armeo® Power Robotic Arm Exoskeleton
The device goes over the outside of an upper extremity, such as your arm, and supports it while you practice move and exercise it.
Learn more about the Armeo Power.

Armeo Spring Arm and Hand Therapy
To help you regain movement, this device stimulates your brain and muscle activity in your hand and arm.
Learn more about the Armeo Spring.

Bertec Balance Advantage™ System CDP
This virtual reality system helps therapists treat balance impairments.
Learn more about the Bertec System.

Bioness® Integrated Therapy System
This device has a touchscreen and can help evaluate and improve your balance, coordination, spatial perception and cognition.
Learn more about the Bioness System.

Ekso GT™ Robotic Exoskeleton
This tool is a framework that you wear and is battery-powered to help you walk. It stimulates neuroplasticity to re-educate your brain and muscles.
Learn more about the Ekso GT device.

A safe system helps you to practice walking and balance in simulated motion challenges.
Learn more about the KineAssist-MX device.

RT300-SA Functional Electric Stimulation (FES) Cycle
The RT300-SA FES Cycle is a machine that helps you perform a repetitive activity (it is also called an ergometer) with upper extremities, such as your arms. It uses electrical stimulation to encourage muscle activity, improve blood circulation and increase your range of motion.
Learn more about the RT300-SA FES Cycle.

Video Frenzel System
This device helps your therapist treat dizziness and vestibular disorders.
Learn more about the Video Frenzel System.

Woodway Split-Belt Treadmill
This therapy and assessment tool can be customized for your needs. You can use this device with the ZeroG Gait and Balance Training System.
Learn more about the Woodway Treadmill.

ZeroG® Gait and Balance Training System
This system helps you practice moving and balancing in a safe, controlled environment.
Learn more about the ZeroG System.

Leading-edge technologies and compassionate care from our therapists can help you on your recovery journey. These devices are fully integrated into inpatient treatment plans as needed. If you are an outpatient, your physician must refer you to therapy. Then, at your first appointment at Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital, you will be evaluated and some of these technologies may be used in your therapy if they are appropriate.

Talk to your physician about a referral for therapy at Marianjoy.